Why detox? And what does it mean?

It’s about cleaning up. Toxins enter your body through the air, water, conventionally produced foods, chemicals in cleaners, plastics… and the list goes on. Over time, these toxins build up in the tissues, organs, and blood faster than your natural cleansing organs (the kidneys and liver) can handle. That’s when your body benefits from an intentional boost: a detox.

This kind of cleansing program can be anything from a full-on fast to a light eating plan that includes lots of vegetables and whole grains with nutrients that help your body eliminate toxic elements. Hard-to-digest proteins, fats, and refined-flour products are minimized, and sugar is all but eliminated to give your body a break from this nutritional pitfall.

How long should a cleanse last?

People who eat a healthy, mostly plant-based diet usually cleanse for one to three days (personally, I grow a bit weak if I detox longer than that). But if your diet is less than healthy, a cleanse can be maintained with no ill effects for up to two weeks; even at its longest, it’s not harmful. When detoxing, you’ll soon find that you feel lighter and you’ll probably lose weight in the bargain; afterward, you’ll likely feel more energetic.