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Thank you, organic farmers

Even on the most food-centric holiday of them all, it's easy to overlook where all that bounty comes from: farmers.

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for: good health, wonderful coworkers, a fantastic husband, smart and passionate grown-up kids.

But as we approach Thanksgiving, that quintessential food-and-family centered celebration, I’m remembering how thankful I am for farmers, who work so hard (and mostly without recognition) to grow and produce the food we eat  every day.

This year, I’m mindfully thankful for Eric Skokan, who leads a double life as an organic farmer and chef, producing the foods that he serves in his two Boulder restaurants. (Check out these photos of a visit to Black Cat Organic Farm to see him in action; and definitely try his “Thanksgiving with Spice” recipes, now featured in our November issue.)

Down-to-earth chefs like Eric can really make a difference in people’s perception of what makes food good—namely, that it’s fresh, real, as local as possible, and grown in ways that support rather than harm the earth and its people.

So thank you, farmers, for feeding the world; thank you, Organic Farming Research Foundation, for relentlessly furthering the national and legislative conversation to champion organic family farmers; and thank you, locavore and organic-supporting chefs, for making farm-fresh food the standard for excellent restaurant fare.

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