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Tennis champ's new gluten-free book not all aces

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While tennis great Novak Djokovic serves up some aces in his new gluten-free lifestyle book, Serve to Win, there are just too many double faults to win the match.

I have been a Novak Djokovic fan long before his rise to supremacy. As a dedicated tennis fan, I admire the enthusiasm and level of play he has brought to the sport. As an expert in gluten-related disorders, I am grateful for the awareness he has raised about the gluten-free lifestyle.

When I heard about his new book, Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence, I was both intrigued and anxious. I wanted to hear Djokovic’s personal story, but with so much confusion surrounding the gluten-free diet, I had to question whether he could deliver sound nutrition advice.

Djokovic sprinkles good tips and advice throughout Serve to Win, including promoting cooking at home using high-quality ingredients, eating slowly and consciously focusing on quality over quantity, and a holistic approach to health that includes meditation and getting adequate sleep. And I have to give kudos to his list of favorite gluten-free foods and the meal plans and recipes he shares (contributed by Candice Kumai).  

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