Rut #1: Oatmeal

Oats, a nutrient-packed standby, are filled with heart-healthy fiber to keep energy high, but which grains are you forgetting? Child enjoying breakfast

Fix: For variety, try other whole-grain options like quinoa, couscous, and brown rice, which are also nutritious and satiating. 

Rut #2: Sweets

By focusing on pastries or toaster tarts, you miss out on nutrients.

Fix: Add chopped veggies like bok choy or grated zucchini to eggs or whole grains; in smoothies, add flaxseed oil, seeds, and spices for an antioxidant and omega-3 boost.

Rut #3: Fast

Skipping breakfast to save time? 

Fix: Prepare longer-cooking grains like rice and millet in a rice cooker; store in fridge, ready for the morning. At night, combine steel-cut oats or other whole grains along with cinnamon and almonds or walnuts in a slow cooker set to low; add fresh fruit in the morning.