Though it was hard to narrow down my favorite products amongst thousands of options at Natural Products Expo West 2013, I found several that pleased my palate and satisfied my health criteria.

Watch the video, or read about the products I chose below.

1. Top of the list is RawFoodz, which fulfills their mission to infuse health with superior taste. Their raw vegan line is organic, unrefined, contains no fillers and nothing artificial, is nutrient-rich, nut-free, gluten-free and soy-free. I was blown away by their flavorful Budda and vegetable dressings.

2. Kate Farms Komplete creates breakthrough vegan foods and drinks to ensure the best opportunity for optimum health, packing in 21 superfoods into their soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and partially organic meal replacement shakes.

3. Bee Free Honee uses organic US grown apples and non-GMO sugar to offer up an impressive, insect-friendly, guilt-free alternative to one of the world's most beloved sweeteners

4. KOLAT Superfood Fusions proves that vibrant health is simultaneously attainable and enjoyable by mixing real fruit, nuts and spices into their delectable nut butters, without adding in palm fruit oil, sugar, gluten or dairy.

5. If you're looking for a fabulous gluten-free fettucine, check out Explore Asia's organic mung bean noodles which are grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and made with pure spring water.

6. Burger lovers with food sensitivities will adore Chez Marie's nutritious veggie patties, which are infused with whole foods and free of gluten, corn, soy and refined sugar.

7. Known for their use of ancient grains, Suzie's got creative with dairy-free milk and made one from quinoa! It's super creamy and packed with protein.

8. It has been nearly impossible to find vegan crackers, let alone of the gluten-free variety. Thank goodness Mary's Gone Crackers is bringing them to shelves soon! If only they were palm oil free.

9. Props to Teese Vegan Cheese by Chicago Vegan Foods for getting the palm oil message and removing it from their yummy line of dairy-free cheeses, along with soy and GMOs. Their nacho cheese is a must try!

10. And last but not least, Gardein tested out a wheat-free version of their faux meat. Combined with soy and pea proteins, organic ancient grains and veggies, the taste and texture is surprisingly authentic!