The dietary supplements industry faces many of the same challenges as pharma, which make TruTags a natural for safety in the nutritional industry. "Initially we focused on pharmaceuticals, but we have gotten interest from a number of companies in the supplements industry because there are certain manufacturers who really want to differentiate themselves because of the high quality of their ingredients," said Wong.

Interested manufacturers could potentially implement TruTags in less than a year, and the good news is it's relatively inexpensive, adding only fractions of a penny per product, said Wong. Integration happens in three phases.

  1. TruTags works with the manufacturer to understand manufacturing processes and how the tags will be used. This includes answering questions such as: Will they be in loose powder or finished foods? Will they simply be used to identify vitamin A vs. vitamin C, or will they be used in the field or in the lab? The process can take one to three months to complete.
  2. TruTags will work with the manufacturer's quality team to design the most cost-effective way to integrate and control use of the product.
  3. A testing phase may follow, which FDA guidance does not require, but which most companies conduct to ensure absolute safety for consumers.