There is good news when it comes to the GMO issue, and that is how many people are concerned about it and are working to stop it. Much of the effort is being placed into GMO labeling.

The Just Label It campaign commissioned a top-ranked polling company to survey 1,000 American voters on their opinions about the labeling of GMO foods. Pollster Mark Mellman explains: “Few topics other than motherhood and apple pie can muster over 90 percent support, but labeling GE foods is one of those few views held almost unanimously.” The survey found nearly all Democrats (93% favor, 2% oppose), Independents (90% favor, 5% oppose) and Republicans (89% favor, 5% oppose) in favor of labeling. The study also revealed that support for labeling is robust and arguments against it have little sway.” For the survey findings, visit

One of the first things you can do to fight GMOs is sign the Just Label It petition. The organization has already sent a petition with one million signatures to Congress demanding GMO labeling. Add your name to the list.