If you haven’t been paying attention to the category, you should: Non-GMO continuesgaining momentum in a post Prop 37 world. More than 10,000 products, ranging from fish and cosmetics to corn and beverages, are non-GMO Project Verified.

Did you know? Sales of verified products increased 66 percent in 2012, topping $2.4 billion (not including Whole Foods Market’s non-GMO branded products).

It started at retail 

The Non-GMO Project was born out of natural retailers’ concerns over the genetically engineered ingredients appearing on their shelves. Over a decade later, manufacturers, retailers and consumers are taking a hard look at brands and supporting those that prove their transparency.

Stores such as The Natural Grocery Co and the Big Carrot Natural Food Market carved the way for retailers like California-based Jimbo’s to create a non-GMO store policy. This yearWhole Foods Market even announced that by 2018 all items sold in the store must include GMO labeling. So how can you get involved?

Why do you support non-GMO?