This is an important element in the relationship between the branded ingredient manufacturer and the finished product manufacturer because when it comes to branded ingredients, there is an inherent risk of potential material shortage or high pricing.

Plus, branded ingredient manufacturers have the right and responsibility to protect the trademark to insure companies that use the ingredient mark do so with the actual ingredient at clinically proven doses.


At your local independent retailer, ask about their relationships with supplement manufacturers and attend seminars and education events to learn more about the quality of supplements. Also reach out directly to companies, getting additional information through their websites, social media outlets, webinars, podcasts and detailed product pages to support the branded ingredient. 

About Sponsor Doctor’s Best

Doctor’s Best carries over 50 branded ingredients in the product line, all at clinically proven doses and the trademarked ingredient is displayed on the front of the bottle as opposed to being relegated to a small portion of the back label.

QR code technology on Doctor’s Best packaging helps promote understanding within the retail environment. Using a mobile device, you and your customers can simply scan the code on the label and is taken not to a generic website as is typically done, but directly to a website about the product itself, including factual information about the ingredient, its benefits, and published scientific research. This approach is an extension of our label yet has enabled us to convey so much more about our products than a traditional label ever could.