A quick scan of a quality supplement ingredient panel will likely reveal at least one branded ingredient listed among the standard rundown of vitamins, minerals or botanicals. In their most basic form, branded ingredients are trademarked-protected ingredients or ingredient blends that lend premium panache to dietary supplement formulations because they are backed by clinical research proving their efficacy.

Here are the top reasons why you may want to look for products boasting branded ingredients. 


Ever wonder if your supplement is actually backed by science (and worth your purchase)? Branded ingredients make it easy for you to learn more about the science behind the specific ingredient used in the making of the final product. Often the branded ingredient offers science and education to support the effectiveness of the ingredient, which serves to ultimately support the finished product.

As retailers if they have requested clinical studies  by the company branded ingredient manufacturer. This can support the exact ingredient at specific doses to underscore the claims made by the finished product.


Branded ingredients are often manufactured to higher quality standards than generic product. However, it is the responsibility of the brand manufacturer to assess the quality of the ingredient supplier regardless of the offering of a supportive trademark. The takeaway: Always request additional information from retailers, or connect with manufacturers directly.