From arthritis and joint pain to anxiety and depression, curcumin—the active ingredient in turmeric—has been shown to be beneficial for a range of health issues. It’s also been a staple in diets for thousands of years. If you’re debating which curcumin supplement to try, check out these 6 below:

Jarrow Formulas Curcumin Phytosome:

Using the Meriva ingredient brand, this enhanced-absorption curcumin binds the curcumin to a fat molecule, called a phytosome, to increase its uptake into cells.

Doctor’s Best Curcumin C3 Complex with BioPerine:

This contains all three curcuminoids at 95 percent of total curcuminoids. It also adds non-GMO black pepper to further increase the bioavailability. 

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength:

Grown on its own exclusive, organic curcumin farm in Costa Rica, Turmeric Supreme uses the root extract along with black pepper to enhance bioavailability. 

Natural Factors CurcuminRich Theracurmin:

This specially formulated curcumin is reduced in particle size to form nanoparticles that are then microencapsulated. Called Theracurmin, it’s up to 30 times better absorbed compared with standard curcumin. 

Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin:

Full Spectrum uses micelle technology, which encapsulates curcumin molecules with a liposomal microscopic sphere. Test results show this both allows the curcumin to remain in the body for 24 hours and also be absorbed at a whopping 185 times greater than standard curcumin powder. 

Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength:

This new version of Terry Naturally’s popular Curamin offers a higher dose of the same BCM-95 curcumin, which is up to 10 times more bioavailable than standard extracts. It also contains boswellia and mood-supportive DLPA.