Why use metric?

I think it's high time that whenever someone mentions grams it should be translated into pounds, pints, cups, teaspoons, or tablespoons.
-H.L. Smith, Sunnyvale, California

All of our recipe ingredients are given in the U.S. system of measurement. Supplement doses, however, are more complex. The metric system of unit measurement was initially developed in France in the 18th century. Because of its ease of use, it was adopted worldwide in the 1960s. The United States is one of three countries — along with Myanmar and Liberia — that have resisted official acceptance of this system, even though almost all scientific research is now reported in metrics. Because nutritional supplements are produced and sold around the world, most manufacturers adhere to the international standard.-Eds

Parsing pounds

In the April issue ("Body Boost) you said, “It's not pounds per se that CLA targets — but fat, which actually weighs less than muscle.” But in fact, muscle and fat weigh exactly the same, even though fat takes up more room than muscle, which is why fat looks larger pound for pound.
-Sherrie Elkins, Columbus, Indiana

It is entirely true that a pound of fat and a pound of muscle both weigh exactly the same as a pound of, say, water. However, all three substances have different densities, meaning that the same volume will have a different weight. So a specific volume of fat will weigh less than the identical volume of muscle.-Eds


“Jicama is a root vegetable popular in Latin America. It looks like a squat potato. But unlike a potato, it's sweet and can be eaten raw. If you can't find it, substitute a tart-sweet apple such as a Granny Smith.”
-from the Recipe Feedback forum

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