Who’s behind it:

The Marine Stewardship Council (msc.org), a member of The International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling Alliance

What it means:

*The wild-capture fishery commits to maintaining the health and population of the fish and the ecosystem’s structure, productivity, and diversity.

*The fishery minimizes its environmental impact by limiting bycatch—marine animals unintentionally caught during fishing—and monitoring waste operations.

*MSC bases its requirements on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations’ Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing

*Accredited certifiers conduct MSC’s independent third-party assessments using 31 science-based performance indicators

], which are publicly available.

*The seal does not verify that fish are free of toxins like mercury.

Look for it on:

Wild-caught fish from the program’s 42 certified wild-capture fisheries worldwide