Bison Pitas with Spicy Red Pepper Sauce

Serves 2–4 / A tasty sandwich that’s perfect for busy weeknights. Choose top sirloin if available; it has the best flavor and texture. View Recipe

Cocoa Bison Tostadas

Serves 4 / Cocoa powder adds a pleasant bittersweet note to the bean mixture, which also works well in tacos and burritos. Tortillas vary widely in sodium, so look for lower-salt varieties. View Recipe

Jalapeño Bison Burgers with Mushrooms

Serves 4 / These simple burgers get a flavorful kick from jalapeño and sautéed mushrooms. They’re a little messy to pick up in buns, but don’t let that stop you! Of course, they’re also good served on balsamic-dressed salad greens and eaten with a knife and fork. View Recipe

Pecan-Crusted Bison Steak with Maple Squash

Serves 4 / The fall-inspired squash purée heightens bison’s natural sweetness. In general, bison is very lean so it cooks quickly and should not go past medium-rare (an internal temperature of 145 degrees per USDA recommendations). View Recipe