Setting food over hot water instead of in it means food retains nutrients that otherwise would go down the drain. It’s also a fat-free method. In a steamer pan, pot, or a saucepan with a tight lid, bring 1–2 inches of water to a boil; place steamer basket (a perforated holder, available at any grocery store) with food into pan, cover, and steam until done. Veggies should be crisp-tender; meat and fish should be opaque. Remove promptly to prevent overcooking. Best for: Non-root vegetables, fish, chicken

Steamed Halibut with Mango Sauce

Serves 4 / Top this mild fish with the spicy-sweet mango sauce to create a meal that appeals to all ages. Prep tip: You can substitute striped bass, pollock, or another white fish. Serving tip: Accompany with a side of basmati rice laced with cumin seeds, plus a salad of chopped cucumbers, diced tomatoes, minced onions, and plain yogurt. View the Steamed Halibut with Mango Sauce recipe