Children require frequent, nutrient-packed snacks throughout the day. You need convenience and ease — these natural options offer something for everyone.

Froose juice box

WHY KIDS LOVE IT: Punchy, out-of-the-ordinary cherry, peach, and pear flavors

WHY YOU'LL APPROVE: Each 4-ounce box contains 3 grams of fiber; plus, organic brown rice syrup sweetens without causing sugar highs.

Popumz Crisps

WHY KIDS LOVE IT: Fun flavors like chocolate-chip cookie dough

WHY YOU'LL APPROVE: A package of these bite-size organic snacks contains 5 grams of protein and 100 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Ian's Jungle Mix2Go

WHY KIDS LOVE IT: Crunchy organic granola and sweet chocolate chips — what could be better than that?

WHY YOU'LL APPROVE: Snack packs of this nut-free mix provide 6 percent of kids' DRI for fiber.

FruitaBü Organic Smoooshed Fruit Roll

WHY KIDS LOVE IT: Like fruit leather but stretchy

WHY YOU'LL APPROVE: One organic roll provides a full serving of fruit, 105 mg of potassium, and 10 percent of kids' DRI for vitamin C.