Sub for sausage

In my household we do not eat any sausage or beef. We love paella, though. Can you recommend a substitute for chorizo in the recipe for Wehani Rice Seafood Paella (January 2009)?
-Cindy Neill, via email

Substitute traditional pork sausage with soy-rizo, or simply omit it altogether.

Newly veg

Although I have always tried to eat healthfully, I have recently become vegetarian. In “Everyday Detox” (January 2009), you advise eating “a mostly vegetarian diet that is rich in protein but low in fat and carbohydrates.” How is it possible to do this and still get all the nutrients needed for a healthy body
-Stephany Wade, via email

Variety is key: A diet rich in dairy, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables offers enough essential nutrients, amino acids, and protein without overdoing it on fat and carbs. For vegetarian meal ideas, go to

DL on the web

I ran across your web site and I really liked it. Thanks for all the good information — I plan to come back often.
-Pauline Galias, via email

Plant clarification

“Seeds of Hope” (March 2009) implied that genetically engineered plants are the only types of vegetables that are genetically uniform. In fact, most crops that farmers grow are genetically uniform — only open-pollinated vegetable varieties are not. These were what Molly Jahn, PhD, developed for use in organic agriculture to improve genetic diversity.
-Jessica Rutkoski, Madison, Wisconsin

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