If there is one word I associate with Colombian food, it is fresh. This South American country lies close to the equator, meaning that Colombia’s citizens enjoy an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables year round. Add to that fortuitous latitude coastlines that touch both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and you have fresh seafood to round out a local cornucopia of fresh culinary ingredients.

While much of Colombia’s food is produced using what are considered sustainable practices, organic production is just starting to gain a foothold. As such, I was pleasantly surprised during a recent visit to Bogotá to stumble upon Suna, an organic restaurant with a small natural foods store adjacent to its dining area. Here, cofounder Miguel Carrillo described to me his dedication to cooking with fresh, local, and sustainably grown and harvested ingredients that he prepares in an artisanal fashion that is elegant, simple—and delicious!

Below you’ll find a sampling of the types of dishes Carrillo serves in his delightful restaurant. If you have trouble finding any of the ingredients mentioned in these recipes, says Carillo, simply substitute with vegetables and fruits seasonally available in your area. ¡Que aproveche!