Continuous advances in the science of natural health, combined with important regulatory legislation, have made alternative care accessible to millions. But your support and vigilance as a natural health consumer is essential to preserve and expand consumers' right's. Consider these current issues:

Alternative medical treatments remain under the strict control of the Food and Drug Administration. The case of Thomas Navarro, a 4-year-old boy diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer and denied access to alternative therapy, has prompted a grassroots campaign to protect patients' rights to the medical treatment of their choice.

Genetically engineered foods continue to go undetected on grocery shelves, while organic agriculture is under continuous attack from agribusiness. A majority of the American corn crop is now genetically engineered to generate its own pesticide, which cannot be removed by washing.

Access to supplements is constantly endangered by powerful lobbying interests. Consumers need to take action to protect and expand information, choice and access to safe and effective supplements.

Get involved! Contact Citizens For Health, a national nonprofit network of natural health advocates and activists in the natural health community. Visit or call 800.357.2211 to get connected today.

— Mike Liguori