1. Cocoa Nib Mousse

This velvety, dairy-free mousse is healthy enough to eat every day. One dish will feed two people after dinner—or one very hungry person. Serving tip: On cool spring evenings, it's delightful served warm. Ingredient tip: When fresh raspberries are out of season, use frozen, gently thawed berries. View recipe.

2. Tropical fruit parfait

A dairy-free white cashew cream is topped with a tropical fruit sauce made by blending your favorite fruit; I like pineapple, mango, and kiwi. Fresh is always best, but if using frozen fruit, defrost first. Liquefy solid coconut oil by heating gently until clear and smooth. If you like, top these desserts with chopped nuts, goji berries, or cacao nibs. View recipe.

3. Coconut Black Rice Pudding

Medium-grain Chinese black rice is often sold under its trademarked name, Forbidden Black Rice, and brings elegant sophistication to any meal. The rice bleeds a very deep indigo color as it cooks. Because the bran layer is intact, this pudding is chewier than traditional melt-in-your-mouth white rice puddings, but it will be equally well received. View recipe.

4. Chocolate Fondue

In this healthier version of classic chocolate fondue, cream is replaced by water and omega-3-rich flaxseed oil. Grand Marnier supplies a hint of orange, and is backed up by a little cayenne for an extra kick. Serving tips: Serve with your favorite seasonal fruits, such as bananas, pineapple, and oranges. Don’t worry if you don’t own a fondue pot; any heatproof dish or slow cooker will do. If you have leftover sauce, it’s also delicious poured over vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. View recipe.

5. Mango-Raspberry-Coconut Crumble

Frozen organic fruit makes this incredibly easy, but you can also use fresh fruit when available. Ingredient tips: Look for almond meal in the baking aisle of your natural grocery. Organic coconut oil is sold in jars in the oil or baking section. VView recipe.

6. Chocolate Lava Cakes

Decadent and easy, this yin-yang of warm and cold, sweet and bittersweet wowed the judges. Cranberries and almonds in the chocolate bars add a nice texture; add more chopped dried cranberries to the batter if you like. One ramekin will serve two people; or, if you’re feeling wicked, keep it all for yourself. View recipe.

7. Blueberry-Apple Bread Pudding

The antioxidant power of sweet blueberries combines with tart apples to create this incredibly easy, low-cholesterol dessert. Serve warm with nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt. If you must use frozen fruit, drain excess liquid thoroughly before use. View recipe.

8. Chocolate Mousse with Ginger

This dessert needs a few hours to set, but the working time is minimal. Prep tips: If you prefer your ginger less intense, use a smaller amount. Health laws require egg producers (the people, not the hens) to pass eggs through a washing process to eliminate salmonella, but it's still good practice to wash the shell before cracking if you're going to use raw egg (yolk or white). Serving tip: If you wish, top with shaved chocolate, fresh berries, or a dollop of whipped cream sweetened with a splash of dark rum. View recipe.