1. Roasted squash and sage pita pizzas

erves 6 / Featuring a great combination of flavors and the easiest pizza “crust” of all time. Prep tip: Because winter squash is rock hard, it can be tricky to cut; if you're skittish about it, many grocers will do it for you. View recipe.

2. Sage Polenta with Leeks and Gorgonzola

Serves 6 / This updated Italian classic is filling enough to serve as a main dish. All of your stirring will be rewarded with a creamy, flavorful polenta that instant varieties can't match. View recipe.

3. Sage fougasse

Sage Fougasse Makes 2 loaves Fougasse is a rustic French flat bread. Before baking, the loaves are slashed to create decorative designs in the crust. View recipe.

4. Sage & Onion Focaccia

Serves 8 Focaccia is an Italian flat bread that's often served pizza-style with savory toppings. This Sage & Onion Focaccia makes a nice light lunch on its own or as an accompaniment for soup or salad. View recipe.

5. Chicken Saltimbocca with Sage Pesto

Serves 4 / Saltimbocca literally means "jump into the mouth," an apt description for this flavorful Italian entrée. View recipe. This variation packs an extra flavor punch.

6. Brussels sprouts in sage butter

Looking for a recipe that will get your kids to love brussels? This new take on the classic green veggie will convert everyone in the family. View recipe.