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I am very excited to personally invite you to download Natural Vitality Publishing’s first eBook. Green Chefs: The Culinary Creatives Changing How We Eat (volume I). What you’ll discover here in this free 88-page eBook is an in-depth look into the lives of six of the world’s chefs who are leading the sustainable food movement. Chefs like Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters who have taken tremendous risks to put their beliefs on the table.

As the local and sustainable food movement takes root throughout the United States, it’s the farmers providing us with the food, yet it’s the chefs who are showing us what to do with it. These maîtres de cuisines are teaching us how to cook with what’s in season and growing close by. Learn how chef Jose Garces supplies his East Coast restaurants with fresh produce from his 40-acre farm and how chef Michel Nischan worked with Paul Newman at his farm-to-table restaurant in Connecticut. These chefs’ stories and recipes come alive with beautiful full-color photographs that will inspire you to hit the farmers market and get cooking. Download your free copy here. 

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