Dense, canned coconut milk has long been a staple in curries and vegan cooking, but now we’re seeing thinner, good-fat “coconut milk beverage,” a stand-in for dairy milk, on store shelves. It’s ideal over cereal, in coffee, or subbed into recipes.

Our pick: So Delicious Original Coconut Milk Beverage


Sunflower seeds pack a wealth of essential vitamins and nutrients, and so does sunflower milk. This up-and-coming drink delivers 50 percent of your daily recommended vitamin E, plus 60 percent of phosphorus and 20 percent of folic acid.

Our pick: SoL Original Sunflower Beverage


Thick and velvety hemp milk adds creaminess to smoothies, soups, and pancakes while providing a tasty dose of omega-3s. For an indulgent main dish, toss unsweetened hemp milk into pasta with marinara sauce before serving.

Our pick: Pacific Original Hemp Non Dairy Beverage           


Subtly sweet cashews are crammed with minerals like magnesium and copper. Cashew milk is a DIY cinch: Soak 1 cup raw cashews in water overnight. Drain, then blend in a food processor with 3 cups water, ó teaspoon vanilla extract, and agave nectar to taste. Strain and serve.

Our pick: BluePrint Non-Dairy Cashew Milk