About Delicious Living's Best Bite Awards

Delicious Living’s third annual Best Bite Awards will highlight exemplary natural products in top food and beverage categories.  

The awards will focus on and laud products that use nutrient-dense, clean, whole-food ingredients to deliver healthy and delicious foods and beverages that also address special-diet considerations, including vegan or vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo.

You may nominate up to three products in total.

Submit your nominations here by Friday March 27, 2015


  • Best Vegan Milk
  • Best Vegan Ice Cream
  • Best Vegan Butter Substitute
  • Best Vegan Cheese
  • Best Meat Replacement (e.g. chik’n strips, "bacon," ground "beef")
  • Best Vegetarian Frozen Meal 
  • Best Burrito
  • Best Meal Starter or Helper
  • Best Paleo Snack 
  • Best Nutrition Bar
  • Best Chip (e.g. potato, apple, coconut)
  • Best Pouch
  • Best Kombucha 
  • Best Low- or No-Calorie Drink
  • Best Juice (e.g. HPP, raw)
  • Best Energy Drink (e.g. coconut water, coffee, tea) 
  • Best Cereal
  • Best Smoothie
  • Best Yogurt
  • Best Granola
  • Best Gluten-Free Pasta
  • Best Condiment (e.g. mayo, alternative sweetener, vinegar/oils)
  • Best Nut Butter
  • Best Hummus
  • Best Chocolate Bar
  • Best Dessert
  • Best Cookie
  • Best Gluten-Free Baking Mix

If you have additional questions, contact Delicious Living’s Senior Food Editor Jenna Blumenfeld at jenna.blumenfeld@penton.com. The subject line should read Delicious Living 2015 Food Awards.