Best Eco Packaging
Quinn Popcorn
A revolution in microwave popcorn that ditches Teflon-patched bags, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavorings for compostable bags and organic, non-GMO corn. We also love the five gourmet flavors using simple ingredients added after popping. Brilliant!
Sen Cha Naturals Green Tea Mints
Sol Milk

Best Breakthrough Brand
We’ve tried a handful of meat “snacks” since Paleo eating went mainstream, but this is the first product to get it right. The 100 percent grass-fed beef, turkey, and bison bars won us over with unique tastes, such as Bison Bacon Cranberry. Each offers 11–14 grams of protein from whole-food ingredients.
Love Grown Foods
Lyfe Kitchen

Best Mission-Driven brand
Endangered Species Chocolate
In addition to making mouthwatering confections, this company donates 10 percent of annual net profits (an unprecedented amount) to nonprofits focused on wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. We love the beautiful images of the animals we’re helping to save that are shown on the front of each bar.
Alter Eco
Two Degrees

Best New Product
Feel Good Foods Gluten Free Egg Rolls
Flaky and stuffed with flavorful non-GMO ingredients including shiitakes, mung beans, and cabbage, these rolls will woo even devoted Chinese takeout fans, including those who don’t typically eat GF.
Bhakti Chai
Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Sour Cream

Best Value
Bragg Liquid Aminos
Any truly natural kitchen keeps this classic on hand. The gluten-free, liquid-protein concentrate, made from non-GMO soybeans, kicks up flavor in soups, pasta sauce, or just about anything. Because dishes only need a drop or two, a bottle lasts for months.
Bob’s Red Mill Steel-Cut Oats
Eden Organic beans

Best Single Ingredient Use
Dang Coconut Chips
Made with toasted coconut meat and tossed with a touch of salt, these chips surprised us with their perfectly crisped texture and authentic flavor. Vegan, gluten free, and packing 3 grams fiber per serving, they’re dang near perfect.
Henry’s Humdingers spicy honey
Mamma Chia

Best Classic
Organic ValleyAmerican Singles
Forget those floppy, plastic-looking cheese slices we all grew up eating. These are made with real ingredients—organic milk, a little salt, and annatto for color—and will take you back to mom’s kitchen when tucked in a gooey grilled cheese sandwich.
Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread
Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna