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You might see a lot of baby food products in natural retailers being packaged in pouches—but don’t forget about the ones that are offered in other formats. Take a glimpse below to see other natural baby foods that are worth checking out.


Little Roots sells frozen “bulbs” of puréed fruits and vegetables. They can be defrosted and used for spoon-feeding on their own, or mixed with breast milk, formula or whatever the caregiver chooses. They can also be eaten as a frozen treat—an appealing option for teething toddlers.


Amara offers packets of dried mixes—like a potato-kale mash, and pumpkin and pear—that are ready to eat after they’re rehydrated with breastmilk, formula or water.  Amara freeze-dries the ingredients, which the company says helps to preserve the nutrients and flavors of the foods that baby will be eating.


Tiny Human Food cold presses its purées, which include green been and carrot-apple, selling them online for home delivery.


At least two manufacturers of pouches also offer baby food in containers for a ready-to-eat experience: Earth’s Best in old-school glass jars (the original BPA-free container) with flavors like peas and apples and blueberries, and Plum Organics in plastic Baby Bowls, which come in flavors like spinach-apple-avocado and beet-apple-strawberry-chia.