Your morning cup just got quicker. Simply tip these lightly packaged options into a mug or thermos of hot water and stir to jump-start your day.

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee Original Blend

Alpine Start will shatter any presumptions you have that instant coffee isn’t tasty. Each coffee connoisseur–approved packet contains gently roasted Arabica coffee beans from Colombia. Simply stir into hot water, and enjoy. 

Alpine Start

Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

Most recipes for the popular ketogenic “butter coffee”—coffee with grass-fed butter—call for a blender. With this just-add-water product, organic coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, organic egg yolks, coffee and organic vanilla extract create a quick, decadent beverage to support brain health. 

Coffee Blocks

Cusa Tea Premium Instant Tea Lemon Black Tea

Most instant teas feature too much sugar and icky add-ins like maltodextrin. Not so with this new brand, which employs vacuum-dried organic tea powder—a method that preserves tea’s delicate flavors and polyphenols and allows tea to instantly dissolve into hot or cold water. 

Cusa Tea

Know Brainer Ketogenic Casein & Lactose Free Chai Tea

Inside this handy packet you’ll find a sumptuous blend of non-GMO MCT oil; organic, grass-fed ghee; organic coconut milk powder; almond butter; and black tea infused with chai spices, turmeric and even ashwagandha. Squeeze into hot water for a delicious, ketogenic-friendly sipper. 

Know Brainer

Stoked Stix Medium Roast Coffee

A roaster based in Hood River, Oregon, makes these take-along instant coffee sticks with USDA Organic Arabica coffee. Throw one into your gym bag, briefcase or backpack for a nutty cup of coffee instantly. Also available in Dark Roast for a more caramel-y flavor.   

Stoked Stix