Zu-kay Live Foods Kvass Beet Ginger. Fermented vegetables—think beets, cabbage, ginger—get pressed into a probiotic-packed beverage. Stevia tempers this raw juice’s surprisingly tart flavor.

Drinkme Raw Kale Green. With a just-pickedfrom- the-garden taste, each 8-ounce bottle delivers four servings of fruits and veggies (kale, orange, and banana).

Tumeric Pineapple Elixir. Combines anti-inflammatory turmeric with ginger, cardamom, lemon, and other Ayurvedic elements for a delightfully peppery botanical treat.

Evolution Fresh Organic V. This certified-organic sipper blends revitalizing ingredients, including carrots, beets, celery, and parsley, into a blend of antioxidants that haven’t been destroyed by pasteurization.