1. Natural beeswax. Eco-friendly beeswax candles offer a long-lasting light, a smoke-free burn, and a pleasant smell. It’s easy to make your own: Place a wick along the bottom of a beeswax sheet (both found in natural products stores) and firmly press the edge over the wick to secure. Gently roll remaining beeswax around the wick; trim wick to ¼ inch.

Try: Big Dipper Wax Works Citrus Grove Tins; Worker B Beeswax + Camelina Candle

2. Clean soy. Softer than paraffin varieties, 100 percent soy wax candles release less asthma-aggravating soot than their conventional counterparts. Look for soy votives in pretty glass containers and scented with fragrant essential oils.

Try:  Pacifica French Lilac Soy Candle; Terra Essential Scents Chakra Candle

3. Safe wicks. Wicks containing lead cores have been prohibited since 2003—but rules still allow trace thresholds of lead, which may volatilize into the air. Check for wicks made from 100 percent cotton, or even better, organic hemp—a super-sustainable plant.

Try: Aroma Naturals Purity Candle; Way Out Wax True Organics Tea Lights