Even recreational sports enthusiasts have natural products they can't live without. Here are some Delicious Living staff favorites.

"I always have at least one water bottle filled with Cytomax, a complex-carbohydrate and electrolyte performance energy drink, for either mountain or road biking and for ultimate Frisbee. It gives me that extra kick I need, whereas water can leave me feeling flat. It's like food without actually eating a heavy energy bar. Same with PowerGel. It's a small packet of syrupy goo that tastes like cake mix and provides immediate energy without you having to eat an energy bar, because sometimes you need the energy but aren't necessarily hungry for food."

—Vicki Hopewell, art director

My favorite natural product is Avalon's Un-petroleum lip balm. This balm has an SPF of 18, is extremely moisturizing, and stays on a long time, which is nice for long bike rides and hikes. It contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, and natural plant extracts. Vanilla and tangerine are two great flavors."

—Christy Wohlford, editorial intern

I use arnica for bruises and sore muscles that I get from mountain biking and climbing. Citronella is great as a bug repellent when I'm backpacking. And I use pure aloe vera gel when I get too much sun after climbing. Newman's Own or Barbara's Bakery fig bars are great for fueling up before a workout. I also wear a lot of organic cotton climbing clothes by Patagonia (from its Rhythm line)."

—Pamela Emanoil, managing editor

I just discovered the wonders of Sun Chlorella, a dietary chlorella supplement. It energizes with an even, healthy effect."

—Cary Jobe, photo editor

My favorite product is called Pre de Provence pure shea butter. It comes in a cool tin, and it is a great moisturizer, especially when you're outdoors a lot. Supposedly, shea butter prevents stretch marks. I use it on my cuticles, which tend to get dry. It doesn't have any additives, preservatives, or fragrances, and it really works well. One tin costs about $15 and it lasts forever."

Chris DeOrio, editorial intern

"I rely on a lotion from Tea Tree Therapy, called Antiseptic Cream, made with tea tree oil and herbal extracts. Talk about all-purpose—I use it on mosquito bites, rashes, cuts, even pimples. It heals and soothes. Also, I don't go anywhere without a baggie of raw, organic almonds or GeniSoy's Trail Mix, which is loaded with soy nuts and dried fruit and gives me a quick protein boost. I tuck some in my parka when I'm skiing and in my pocket on walks and hikes."

—Elisa Bosley, senior food editor