At the store>> Look for plump, vibrant-colored fruits with sweet fragrance; avoid those with shriveled, green-tinged, or bruised skin.
At home>> To ripen, keep at room temperature in a paper bag away from heat or direct sunlight. Refrigerate ripe apricots for 1–2 days. Don't wash until ready to eat.

At the store>> Look for heavy, unblemished avocados; avoid those that are overly soft or have cracked skin.
At home>> Ripen at room temperature for 3–6 days or in a paper bag with a tomato; refrigerate for up to 3 days.

At the store>> Look for firm, dry berries with deep-blue color and silvery tone; avoid shriveled, leaking, mushy berries.
At home>> Refrigerate without washing; will last 7–10 days. The least perishable of all berries, these won't get sweeter after picking.

At the store>> Choose firm to slightly soft melons with symmetric shape and fruity fragrance; avoid those with cracks, bruises, or soft spots.
At home>> Keep at room temperature for 2–4 days to make melon softer and juicier but not necessarily sweeter; watermelons don't ripen after picking. Store in plastic bags in refrigerator to protect other produce from the ethylene gas melons give off.

At the store>> Look for plump, medium to large peaches, with unwrinkled skin and mild fragrance, that yield slightly to pressure along seam; avoid those with green undertones.
At home>> Won't get any sweeter after picking, but to bring out the juice, keep at room temperature in a paper bag; then can refrigerate in crisper drawer for 3–5 days.

At the store>> Select berries that are plump, fragrant, brightly colored, and firm, with fresh, green caps; avoid green berries.
At home>> Strawberries won't ripen after picking. To keep fresh, spread on a shallow plate, cover with paper towel and plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 2–4 days.

At the store>> Go for plump, heavy tomatoes with smooth skins and mild fragrance; they should be soft and yielding. Avoid those with no fragrance.
At home>> Ripen by placing tomatoes in a paper bag with an apple or banana. Once ripe, they keep well at room temperature out of sunlight for 1–2 days.