"Are my supplements safe?" You've probably asked yourself (or your natural products retailer) this question more than once, as you looked for the best nutritional products for yourself and your family. And, despite the fact that supplements have been regulated since the passing of DSHEA 20 years ago, you likely still have concerns about the quality of some products. Connect directly with responsible brands and Delicious Living experts as we answer your top questions about supplement safety during our August 27 twitter chat.

Have questions about #SupplementSafety? Join the @deliciousliving Twitter chat today at 12pm MST / 2pm EST

Date: August27, 2014

Time: 2 p.m. EST

Hashtag: #SupplementSafety

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[Free guide] Safe supplements: what you need to know

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Special thanks to our sponsors for their commitment to #supplementsafety. Ask them questions directly on August 27.