"Vegetarian, s'il vous plâit!"

I remember the time a vegetarian friend of mine went to Kazakhstan, ordered something she thought was vegetarian and ended up with the whole head of something that ate vegetarians instead. While she admits that the experience makes for an exotic story, undoubtedly she would have had a more positive dining experience had she taken along some guidance à la Speaking Vegetarian: The Globetrotter's Guide to Ordering Meatless in 197 Countries (Pilot Books) by Bryan Geon.

This guide offers concise information about vegetarian cuisine from around the world, plus how to say "I am a vegetarian" and related phrases in a multitude of languages from Armenian to French, and Hindi to Zulu.

Also includes handy tips for pronunciation and tone.

Not traveling anytime soon? Get a copy anyway, and brush up in advance. Meanwhile, impress your friends when you say Sikuli nyama — "I do not eat meat" in Swahili.

—Deborahann Smith

Saying "I don't eat meat" around the Globe
France Je ne mange pas de viande. zhuh nuh mahnzh pah duh vee-ohnd Greece Dhén tróyo kréas. thehnn TROH-yoh KREH-ahss Japan Watashi-wa niku o tabemasen. WAH-tah-shee wah NEE-koo oh tah-bay-mah-sehn Nepal Ma maasu khandina. muh MAH-soo kahn-DEE-nuh Spain No como carne. noh KOH-mo KARH-nay