Daikon radish: “I shred these onto sandwiches, eat as crudités, or use in chunks in stews.”

Garlic: “Of course.”

Kale: “I use kale for everyday steamed greens or as a raw chiffonade in soup.”

Miso: “Great for soups, spreads, and baking.”

Nori sheets: “Super nutritious and useful for snacking and garnishing.”

Nuts: “Especially almonds and walnuts.”

Olive oil: “Pure oil of the highest order is a must for any kitchen.”

Pickles: “I especially like Maine Coast Sea garlic kelp pickles, or Angelica’s marinated beets.”

Winter squash: “My favorites are butternut, buttercup, kabocha, and pumpkin.”

Source: Leslie McEachern, owner, Angelica Kitchen.