Soy Snacks Stack Up

Photo by Jeff Padrick

Most of us should eat soy for its high-quality protein and its cholesterol-lowering effects. But tofu for dinner isn't the only way to eat this bean. Soy snacks are a growing trend for small-meal grazers and busy commuters alike.

If you need appetizing ideas for getting your FDA-recommended 25 grams of soy protein daily, look no further. These tasty offerings will up your intake in no time.


Soy protein

Best bites

DrSoy Healthy Snacker

12g per bar

For taste (not to mention nutrition), this beats a candy bar hands down. Four decadent flavors. Keep in your desk drawer for a healthy midafternoon pick-me-up.

Genisoy Praline or Chocolate Soy Nuts

4-6g per serving

For the serious sweet tooth, it doesn't get any better than this. Sprinkle over fresh fruit or frozen yogurt. On their own, fancy enough for a party—but who needs an excuse?

Dixie Diners' Club Soy Beanits

10g per ounce

Perfect for any nut fanatic. Savory flavors include Ranch, Jalapeño Cheddar, Unsalted, and Vegan. Nosh during TV time or after a workout.

Wildwood Harvest Foods SOYsmoothie

6.25g per serving

Loaded with probiotics and organic fruit. Makes a convenient and calcium-rich commuter breakfast—just shake it up and chug it down.

Pete's Tofu2Go

13g per 2 pieces

Ready-to-eat tofu triangles with zippy dipping sauces. Four flavors, including Sesame Ginger and Thai Tango. Toss in your daypack for an easy lunch on the run, or crumble into salad or pasta.

—Elisa Bosley