Singing The Praises Of Soup

There's always a reason to celebrate. This month brings cold outside, and the desire for heat inside. So it makes sense that January is National Soup Month, a time to revel in this quintessential winter warmer. This meal-in-a-bowl can combine a multitude of food groups, providing a potent serving of nutrients in each spoonful. Not just tasty, but scientifically proven to be healthy. Studies show that chicken soup, for example, does more than fill the stomach and provide comforting memories of mom and home. It also helps ward off the debilitating effects of the colds and flu common to the season. (Good for post New-Year revelry, as well.) Get recipes for Delicious Living's many restorative soups (Chicken Soup with Dong Quai; Potato Carrot with Chive Dill Sauce) online at Delicious! Kitchen.

—Barbara Hey