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Keeping it simple

Does delicious food have to be complicated to prepare? No, says author Jill Dupleix in her book Very Simple Food (Quadrille Publishing, 2003). An award-winning author of 11 cookbooks and food columnist for the London Times’ Times Weekend magazine, Dupleix’s cuisine, from Soy Roasted Nuts to Sweet and Sour Fish to Passion Fruit Souffle, is “no fuss” and quick to make. Here are a few tips from Dupleix to get you started on the simple path in your own kitchen.

  • Don’t overwork food—less is more, both for taste and time.
  • Keep staples such as canned tomatoes and beans in your pantry; they are versatile, quick, and healthful.
  • Don’t be put off by a simple recipe. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be good.
  • Use the freshest ingredients available because they require little “doctoring” to bring flavor to a dish.