Every day: Include a stainless-steel water bottle filled with water (add a squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange juice if your kids want more flavor).


Small orange, peeled and sectioned

Wrap: ½ whole-wheat tortilla, thin strips of leftover chicken, red bell pepper strips, Neufchatel cheese or tahini spread

Handful of walnuts and raisins


Three strawberries, halved

Handful of baby carrots

Plain yogurt, premixed with ground flaxseed and honey

Four whole-grain crackers


Apple slices with nut butter dip (sweetened with a touch of honey)

Five cherry tomatoes

Hard-boiled egg



Baggie of sugar snap peas and black olives

Insulated container of leftover chicken-noodle soup


Handful of red grapes

Four thick cucumber slices

Handful of baked corn chips with black bean dip

Handful of sunflower seeds

Ten semi-sweet chocolate chips