Miso-Glazed Halibut with Bok Choy

Prep/cook time: 20 minutes / Serves 4

A nice, light dish to serve during the holiday season when dinners tend to be rich. Serving tip: Pair with green-tea soba noodles. view recipe

Chicken with Orange-Ginger Sauce

Prep/cook time: 30 minutes / Serves 4

Simple and elegant. Prep tip: Use bottled ginger and garlic to save time. Serving tip: Serve with steamed snow peas and brown rice pilaf. view recipe

Chicken with Herb Cheese and Tomatoes

Prep/cook time: 25 minutes / Serves 4 / Gluten-Free

A luscious combination of classic flavors. Serving tip: Perfect with a green salad and baked acorn squash. view recipe

Farro with Mushrooms, Butternut Squash, and Toasted Pecans

Prep/cook time: 35 minutes / Serves 4 / Vegan

Ingredient tip: Look for farro, a nutty-tasting, hearty wheat grain, in bulk bins or prepackaged. Prep tip: Remove squash from the freezer as you start prepping this dish; it will be just thawed enough to add at the end. Serving tip: Serve piping hot, with a fresh spinach and Gorgonzola salad. view recipe