Transparency and traceability are two of the most relevant topics facing the natural products industry today. Join the conversation as New Hope's leading experts explore top forces driving demand for transparency, traceable supply chains and more in this hour-long live event.

Date: Thursday,July 10, 2014
Time:12 p.m. MT / 2 p.m. ET

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GWI - Green Wave Ingredients

GWI (Green Wave Ingredients) is a leading distributor of finest raw materials and high quality nutritional ingredients with over 200 products in stock. Operating from its headquarters in Southern California, and a warehouse in New Jersey, the Ingredients Superstore maintains over 100 international supplier relationships, has a quality lab in China and offers supply chain solutions to over 2,000 US customers.


A specialty ingredient manufacturer, Ribus produces USDA certified Organic rice extract and rice concentrate, as well as conventionally sourced rice concentrate ingredients that are raw material North American sourced, manufactured, and distributed — providing natural functionality while supporting finished product clean label initiatives.


Tangut is a finished products supplements manufacturer that largely sources ingredients from the Tangut Farm, a 10,000-acre certified organic farm which is one of the largest and purest in the world. Tangut delivers the highest quality nutritional product to the market through traceable, transparent sourcing.