Gelato. Thank the Italians for this treat that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. Gelato’s traditionally vibrant jewel tones underscore the use of only the highest quality in-season fruits. Because it’s made with less butterfat and less air by volume than ice cream, expect a flavorful, dense, creamy dessert—with fewer calories. Salute! Try: Ciao Bella Gelato

Kulfi. Milk, simmered until it’s thick, sweet, and nutty, gives this Indian-style ice cream a silky-smooth texture and rich, dense consistency. Kulfi doesn’t contain eggs and relies on whole nuts and fruits for flavor, so most bars have significantly fewer calories than their American ice pop counterparts. Try: Kaurina’s Kulfi

Mochi. Sweet, fruity ice cream iswrapped in soft, fluffy rice dough andthen dusted with a powdery rice flour coating. Look for this traditional Japanese dessert in authentic flavorssuch as green tea (matcha), lychee,and adzuki bean. Bonuses: The100-calorie, two-bite balls makeportion control a snap, and they’re gluten free. Try: Mikawaya Mochi

Sorbetto. Sorbetto has its roots in southern Italy where the warm climate calls for refreshing desserts. Made with just water, sugar, and fruit (think gelato without the dairy), classic options emphasize tart flavors like blood orange, lemon, and raspberry. Enjoy post-meal or as a palate cleanser between entrées.Try: Talenti Sorbetto