Craving something salty, sweet, or spicy? Modern popcorns satisfy with interesting combinations and better-for-you ingredients. Think non-GMO popcorn coated in brown rice syrup and a touch of cayenne, or organic ginger and toasted sesame seeds. Try: 479° Popcorn Ginger Sesame Caramel; G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix


Some clever companies up popcorn’s natural health creds (whole grain, gluten free, fiber rich) with nutritious twists. Our favorites dust kernels with chia flour or pop in new, toxin-free microwave bags. Try: Lesser Evil Chia Pop Classic Theater Style; Quinn Popcorn Vermont Maple & Sea Salt


Partially popped kernels, not too hard and not too soft, create an ideal texture balance with far fewer calories than fried corn nuts. Bonus: The amber hulls contain most of popcorn’s antioxidant polyphenols. Try: Halfpops; Pop’d Kerns


“Naked” popcorn—popped by hot air rather than oil—packs only 40 calories per cup. Make your own by placing 3 tablespoons organic kernels in a paper lunch bag; fold over several times to close; microwave for three minutes. When popping slows to one-second intervals, carefully remove and enjoy. Try: Indiana Popcorn Fit Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Skinny Pop