>Traveling can be hard on your dog or cat. This holiday season, help your furry friends ease their stress with herbal remedies.

Chamomile, valerian and scullcap relieve apprehension related to travel or new situations. Combine equal parts valerian, scullcap and chamomile tinctures. Using an eyedropper, place three drops of this blend per 10 pounds of body weight into each ear. Tilt your pet's head, hold the ear closed and gently massage the ear to distribute tincture.

Ginger prevents nausea and motion sickness. Find a tincture especially formulated for pets, or make your own by filling a pint jar with coarsely chopped fresh gingerroot. Fill the jar to the top with vegetable glycerin, available in natural products stores. Let sit in a warm room for six weeks or longer. Glycerin has a sweet taste that is palatable to many dogs and cats. Give to your pet orally.

Flower essences take the edge off travel. Use dill for hypersensitivity to the environment, walnut to ease transitions and Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Remedy to alleviate fear. Give orally or massage into your pet's ear.

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