Plus: These funny little sticky pieces of paper really do work to relax facial muscles and diminish lines.
Minus: Diligence is required and results won’t be seen for at least two weeks. Frownies can feel a bit uncomfortable and may frighten your bed buddy.

Desert Essence Age Reversal Instant Lift and Firm Serum
Plus: Even just one application of this serum will produce a subtle but identifiable wrinkle reduction within minutes. Great for temporary skin lift (think: date).
Minus: Feels stiff and looks shiny on skin.

Dry Skin
ShiKai Borage Dry Skin Therapy Lotion
Plus: This nonirritating, unscented lotion will soothe and moisturize the scaliest alligator skin (and will help relieve dermatitis and eczema).
Minus: Doesn’t always stop the itching that can result from dry skin or atopic dermatitis.

Yellow, stained teeth
Jason Powersmile Whitening Toothpaste
Plus: This toothpaste has a powerful true mint flavor and does seem to subtly whiten teeth. Minus: Don’t count on stark white choppers overnight.

Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Breakout
Plus: Apply this gel before bed and pimples will be markedly reduced by morning without drying out your skin. Light texture and pleasant smell.
Minus: Needs a touch more tea tree oil to supply extra healing power. A little runny.

Aubrey Organics Selenium Natural Blue Shampoo
Plus: This industrial-strength shampoo will immediately relieve itchy, flaky scalps.
Minus: Has an unpleasant smell and can leave hair a bit dry.