All-natural soaps typically last longer than conventional bars because they don't shed glycerin as quickly. Buoy your winter mood with these aromatherapeutic suds.

Auromère Himalayan Rose
A neem- and coconut-oil base churns velvety lather that softens and conditions dry skin. Bonus: Fair trade–produced ingredients.

Essencia Avocado Essential Oil Soap
Creamy avocado oil rejuvenates dry or sallow skin; delicate lemon and lavender essential oils impart a citrusy fragrance.Bonus: Created by a mother-daughter team.

One With Nature Hemp Soap
Laced with hemp seeds that massage and exfoliate, plus shea butter and hempseed oil. Dead Sea salts stimulate blood flow and draw out toxins. Bonus: Dead Sea conservation efforts receive 2 percent of profits.

Organix-South TheraNeem Oatmeal & Lavender Botanical Treatment Soap
A tranquil blend of oatmeal, lavender, and musky neem oil (used for centuries in India to alleviate skin problems). Bonus: 90 percent certified-organic ingredients.

Pangea Organics Canadian Pine with White Sage
Plant oils pacify irritated skin; pine, clove, and white sage offer a fresh, spicy scent. Bonus: Amaranth seeds are part of the packaging—soak the box and plant.