Not sure what to put in your shopping cart? We played guinea pig for a few weeks so you don’t have to. Here’s what we liked (and didn’t like) about the latest products.

Derma-E DMAE–Alpha Lipoic–C-Ester Face Crème
Pro: This cream has a great price for what it offers: triple antioxidant power to help retexture and moisturize mature skin.
Con: No major wrinkle reduction was noticed during our short testing period. The manufacturer recommends four weeks (the length of a complete skin cycle) of daily use to see results.

Nature’s Gate Ginkgo Ultimate Eye Cream
Pro: A lightweight eye cream that left the delicate skin around the eyes feeling renewed and uplifted.
Con: No noticeable difference in crow’s feet after a few weeks of use, but the cream still refreshed the skin.

Green tea
Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Lotion Pro: A mild cleanser that provided an antioxidant boost to mature or sun-exposed skin, leaving it looking vibrant. Con: This light cleanser left skin feeling drier than usual.

Reviva Soy Intensive Rejuvenating Serum
Pro: This silky-smooth serum softened and brightened skin, especially immediately after application.
Con: The scent could be improved. If you have dry skin or live in a dry climate, you’ll definitely want to use the serum with a moisturizer.

Vitamin C
Sanitas Topical C
Pro: A powerful 10 percent vitamin C serum for use under moisture creams. Left skin glowing and soft. Soothed chapped areas. Great for healing minor scrapes and cuts, too.
Con: A little went a long way; using too much felt greasy.

Jason Ultra-C Eye Lift
Pro: A great product, once you figure out how to use it correctly. A few dabs of this serum morning and night firmed and smoothed the skin around the eyes after about a week of use.
Con: The smell didn’t appeal; the instructions for using the dispenser were unclear.