A life coach in Houston, Gloria Silverio says she helps people get out of their own way. For example, maximizing one’s energy could start simply with getting up off the couch. “Turn off the TV and get moving,” says Silverio, who holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University.

Denver-based couple James Rouse, ND, and Debra Rouse, ND, hope people confidently take their advice and incorporate it into their daily lives. “We want people to feel informed and empowered about their own self-care,” the doctors say. James has a new book out called NutriSystem Nourish (John Wiley & Sons, 2004). Debra is working on both a cookbook and a children’s book.

Las Vegas–based herbalist Kim Erickson wants readers to view themselves as whole people so they don’t treat their issues in isolation. “I would love it if they could realize there are holistic, natural ways to enhance their health and lives,” she says. Erickson is the author of Drop-Dead Gorgeous (Contemporary Books, 2002).

“Yoga, by definition, means union,” says Los Angeles–based yogini Rainbeau Mars. “It’s more than what you do on your mat; it’s the process of becoming who you are.” Mars has five yoga videos, including ZenMama (Goldhil, 2003) and Sacred Yoga Practice–Vinyasa Flow (Goldhil, 2002). Her clients include actors David Duchovny and Owen Wilson.