Calcium-packedsesame seeds:Press into tops of just-baked peanut-butter cookies. Blend alone or with a little water to make tahini paste. Sprinkle over baked sweet potatoes or squash.Try: Frontier Organic Bulk Sesame Seeds

Fiber-rich chia seeds: Stir into rice pudding or salad dressing (they soak up liquid and add a chewy crunch). Blend into smoothies. Combine with spices as a breading for seared tofu or shrimp. Try: Organic Salba Chia Seeds

Power-protein hemp seeds: Toss with leafy or grain salads. Process into pesto along with pine nuts. Incorporate into any pancake, cookie,or brownie batter.Try: Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed

Omega-3 superstar flaxseeds: Grind and add to oatmeal or smoothies. Swirl into honey yogurt mixed with berries. Use instead of bread crumbs in meat loaf or burgers.Try: Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed