Baking chocolate

U.S. standards require that unsweetened baking chocolate contain between50 percent and 58 percent cocoa butter—the creamy plant fat that gives chocolate its characteristic melt. Stir grated, unsweetened chocolate into black-bean chili, or melt semisweet chocolate with almond milk and maple syrup for a simple ganache.

Try: Dagoba Organic Unsweetened Chocolate for Baking;
 Green & Black’s Organic Baking Bar


After cacao beans are fermented, roasted, husked, and partially crushed, crunchy cacao 
nibs are left behind. Sugar free and packed with antioxidants, nibs add nutty tang
 to baked goods, trail mix, and salads.

Try: Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Cacao Nibs; Endangered Species 72% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is made from grinding cocoa liquor and extracting almost all
 of its cocoa butter. Alkalized (called “Dutched”) cocoa has been 
treated to reduce pH,decreasing bitterness (but 
possibly destroying cocoa’s
 heart-healthy flavanols).
 Combine cocoa powder with 
sweetener and hot water; or 
create a spice rub by mixing with ground espresso and dried chile.

Try: Lake Champlain Organic Fair Trade Unsweetened Cocoa; Rapunzel Organic Cocoa