In our October 2005 story “A Label Table” we incorrectly noted the Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate Bar as Fair Trade Certified. Although that particular bar is not TransFair USA–certified, Endangered Species’ Bug Bites and Chimp Mints are. We apologize for the error.

What’s your type?
In the October 2005 issue of Delicious Living, there is a Q&A titled “Bruising Solution.” Your author forgot an important point: Those people with blood type O normally have “thin” blood and will bruise more easily than other blood types.

—Marlyn Swanson, Virginia, Minnesota

Make mine a miso
I pick up Delicious Living at nearby Huckleberry Farms health food store in Honolulu, Hawaii. After reading the October 2005 Editor’s Note [in which Jean Weiss lists miso soup as a great breakfast], I had to write in and share our version of breakfast miso soup. Instead of the traditional fish broth and dark, salty miso, we’ve created a lighter version using no-salt vegetarian bouillon; shiro miso (a light, sweet miso); water; and soft tofu, diced quite small. We like it served with sprouted-grain toast and a small glass of juice to offset the savory miso. It’s a nice change from oatmeal. The best thing is that preparation is so easy, my husband has it ready for me when I get up. Excellent!

—Kerry Taggart, via e-mail

Thanks for the tip. Our Editor in Chief Jean Weiss adds diced chunks of firm tofu and scallions to no-salt miso but finds that a little plain. She’s looking forward to trying your recipe.